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Gephardt Maneuvers for Presidential Nomination- President Bush and the House of Reps. came to an agreement on dealing with Saddam. Gephardt was instrumental in bringing the deal to a bipartisan conclusion. In doing so, only he and no other possible 2004 Democrat nominee spoke at the White House Rose Garden along with President George Bush announcing the bill. The deal was concluded on the same day that Al Gore, the presumed Democrat front runner, made another speech against the President. Gephardt clearly over shadowed the former presidential nominee and 2000 loser. Another possible presidential candidate, Daschle, didn't agree with the bipartisan deal. Daschle is still playing a high stakes, hard nosed partisan battle against the President. The "rug was taken out" from us, as some liberal Democrats in the Daschle camp complained as they wanted to continue to play politics with national security and the probable war with Saddam. The most liberal Senators were trying to tie the presidents hands dealing with the Saddam menace. As many Democrat Senators abandoned the Daschle political play for the reasonable bipartisan bill crafted by Republicans in Congress, Gephardt, and the President, Daschle was left looking partisan and political on an important national security issue. Gephardt's political play that out maneuvered Daschle and Al Gore was very successful, scoring many points for the Missouri Democrat for the 2004 nomination. 

Dean leads in critical NH primary poll - The ex-governor or Vermont leads the New Hampshire primary according to a Zogby poll. He leads over Neighboring state Senator John F. Kerry 40-17 percent. Clark whom received much publicity after he entered the race fell hard to just single digits.
Clark and Lieberman fold Iowa campaign  - With the increasing likelihood they can not have a good showing in Iowa, Clark and Lieberman bypass the Iowa caucus. Clark entered late which made it near impossible to gather the needed foot soldiers to win a caucus. They both now put more of their hopes in the NH and South Carolina primary's. Without a good showing in those two states it will likely end their presidential campaigns.
ECONOMY GROWS AT A VERY FAST 8.2% RATE - After President Bush's tax cuts kicked in, the economy grew at a very  strong pace. The growth of over 8% is the best in 19 years. At that time President Reagan's tax cuts preceded the roaring 1980's economy. Democrats clearly were in despair at the good news and were left clinging to hope that the strong economy won't create jobs. But businesses are hiring to meet growing demand. Inventories have dropped requiring faster production in the coming year. Tax cuts will have a continued positive effect in early 04 as people fill out their taxes and save near 100 billion more. The strong growth came from business and consumer spending. With consumer confidence and business confidence growing, the rising stock market, increasing productivity, large tax cuts, job growth, low inflation, home building records, low interest rates, and incomes growing it all points to continued robust economic gains for the election year of 04.
Kerry wins Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary -
Dean, whom led in polls before the votes remains the biggest challenge to John Kerry the Mass. liberal. Dean promised to continue and has continued to raise money and has many young radicals in his camp helping turn out votes.
President Bush delivers State of the Union Address - George Bush delivered a positive speech to the nation and pointed out the economic gains and the successes in the war on terror.
Saddam Captured Hiding in a Hole at a Farm - Saddam was taken into US custody by the 4th military infantry when they closed in on a farm house after receiving information Saddam was hiding there. The news was greeted with celebration by Iraqis and Americans alike. Most world governments praised the arrest of the overthrown dictator whom was responsible for killing hundreds of thousands and horrific abuse including state promoted rapes and torture. Only those on the far left were not happy about the arrest. The leftists seen it as a success for the Bush military effort in Iraq and would help President Bush gain support for the war on terrorism. Leading Democrat Dean admitted it was a good thing but he still opposed the war. Public polls show continued support for the war that freed the Iraqi people and will reduce the terrorist threat to America. 
Democrat scandal shakes election! Clinton and Kerry's national security adviser, Berger, caught stealing national security papers! - Sandy Berger stuffed the national security papers in his pants to smuggle them out of the National Archives. The papers were to be used by the 9-11 commission investigating the worst attack on America including the WTC and Pentagon which killed near 3,000 people. The WSJ has reported that Berger removed secret terrorism documents from a 9/11 Commission reading room on no fewer than five occasions. Berger resigned as an adviser to Democrat nominee John Kerry. 
Kerry election increases the likelihood of a draft - The Swift boat ads and the Veterans that are speaking out against Kerry is evidence that those serving in the armed forces will not continue to serve with a Kerry administration. They will do their time and get out. When Clinton was in many that made the military their career began leaving resulting in less well trained troops in many positions. Recruiting will be a disaster if Kerry wins. What will the armed forces do? We need a military and we are at war. Look for a draft with a Kerry administration to make up the shortfall.
CBS Dan Rather uses Forged papers to get Bush - All common sense and experts have determined that the papers used by Dan Rather of CBS were forged to undermine and slander the President of the U.S. George Bush. Dan Rather first claimed he had experts saying the papers were real but the experts came out to say they did not say the papers were real but rather the papers were questionable and shouldn't be used without further analysis. With more experts looking at the papers Rather was left clinging to a story he concocted to slander the President. With little to go on and forged papers backing Dan Rather, it's clear CBS has a big credibility problem. Rather has been involved with other faked stories including a story to bash Vietnam Vets similar to the way John Kerry did in the early 1970's. The Kerry campaign and some Democrats including Senator Harkin of Iowa and DNC chairman jumped on the Rather - CBS story with Kerry campaign running ads attacking the President's service in the National Air Guard. Kerry spoke at the National Guard and many walked out while President Bush got a huge applause when he spoke a day earlier to the group. 
John Kerry is Honored as a War Hero for the Communist Vietnamese - A picture of John Kerry hangs on the wall at the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The same museum that honors communist war hero's that killed American soldiers in the Vietnam war. It is unknown if Kerry has ever demanded that the communists take his picture down, or if he approves. Communist leader Giap who led forces against America said protestors like Jane Fonda and John Kerry helped them win a victory over America and was the reason he didn't surrender, resulting in countless lives lost in the continued war. Vietnam Veterans like the Swift boat Veterans have run advertisements against Kerry's war record that have resulted in Kerry losing support in recent polls.
President Bush and Kerry debate - Most impartial observers said the debate was a draw. Those that watched and based their reactions on style said Kerry won. But the same people said Bush was more credible, believable and showed a greater ability to lead. Looking at substance, Bush clearly won. Kerry had many misstatements. Kerry claimed he never called Bush a liar but he had used that word. Kerry falsely said the NY subway was closed during the Republican convention but it wasn't closed, and he said he looked at KGB records in "Treblinka Square" in a visit to Russia but Treblinka was a Nazi death camp. There were many other statements by Kerry that contradicted past statements he made reaffirming the flip-flip issue. Bush answered the questions with emotion and very heartfelt. Kerry tried to sound like a war hawk which will be a surprise to many of his supporters who want Kerry to pull troops out of Iraq. Kerry continued to mock our allies and again falsely claimed we were going it alone. Bush pointed out that Kerry can't get allies to support us when he is mocking them and saying the war was a mistake and a diversion. On North Korea, Kerry took a completely different position he takes on the war on terror(flip-flop). While Kerry demands coalitions, he said we should negotiate alone with North Korea. Bush pointed out we have many countries in the coalition in the war on terror and 5 countries around North Korea working with us against North Korea and their attempt to gain nuclear weapons. Bush made the point Kerry changes positions and that is no way to lead.
Kerry Bashes the Military Again - John Kerry followed the lead of CBS and the NY Times to bash the military and George Bush over a story about missing weapons that was not true. Kerry blamed the military and Bush for allowing 380 tons of weapons from getting away in Iraq and claiming the weapons were used to kill American kids and blowing their legs off. The reference to kids was meant to mean soldiers fighting in Iraq. The story was first discredited when it became clear there were no weapons missing in Iraq in recent weeks. The NY Times didn't say when they were supposedly missing leaving the impression it was a new event. CBS wanted to run the story two days before the election on 60 Minutes in another attempt to destroy Bush's re-election chances. Just weeks earlier CBS tried to destroy Bush by running another phony story using forged papers. This was another attempt by CBS and the NY Times to defeat Bush with either misleading stories or completely untrue stories. The NYTimes first ran the false story about missing weapons that was given to them by a member of the UN that is against America and has dealings with arch enemy Iran. The NY Times didn't ask the US military before running their story that now has been discredited. Those in the military that were in charge of destroying Saddam's weapons have stated clearly they did their job and destroyed over 200 tons of weapons at the facility in question as well as 7,000 tons of weapons in the area. The US military has destroyed near 400,000 tons of weapons but the story of just 380 tons was an attempt to claim incompetency of the President just before the election. Those that served in Iraq were outraged by the false story that questioned their competence. For the story to be true it would have taken many large trucks going in and out of the facility traveling many miles on roads mostly used by the US military after loading tons of weapons all when the US military was operating at the facility and around it. Saddam was also in hiding then and most Iraqi military was fleeing. Even though it was near impossible, Kerry jumped on the story to bash Bush and discredit the US military like he has done many times in the past when he accused those serving in Vietnam of horrible crimes. 
American success story of historic proportions - Afghanistan
Afghan President Hamid Karzai is expected to win the first election in Afghanistan on Saturday capping a successful victory over terrorists and the Taliban by US military and allies including many Afghanis. This can be viewed only as a great success for President Bush, our armed forces and America. The liberal media will have a hard time spinning this against the President or denying the well deserved kudos. The liberal media won't want to cover it. Did they send their top reporters? Will Rather, Brokaw and Jennings be in Afghanistan to witness this historic event? We will see. The Afghan election is something all Americans should celebrate. We were successful and President Bush should gain the political windfall from it. Not often do we see historic events that are a direct result of the hard work and brave efforts of our military. All those involved that sacrificed, some even gave their lives, need to be honored for their accomplishment. It's a shame the liberal media will play it down in it's significance. But it's their shame. This display of democracy helps dearly in the war on terror and shows the entire world the greatness of America liberating and helping an entire country gain the freedom they deserve. 
Bush made it clear he is against a draft
In what is becoming a disaster for Kerry and Democrats, Bush clearly stated he is against the draft as long as he is President gaining a winning issue over kerry he might not have had. Kerry tried to claim Bush was for a draft as a desperation attempt to scare young voters. Democrats are known to want a draft so they can increase the number of young people opposed to the war on terror. If the Democrats can push through a draft they will increase the number of anti-war activists like the Vietnam days when people burned their draft cards and notices. Two Democrats in congress, Rangle and Senator Hollings have bills to reinstate the draft after a Republican President ended it in 1973. Republicans, conservatives and President Bush are against the draft because a volunteer armed forces is best for moral with only those that want to serve join and the liberals who are often anti-military would not be part of the service and won't be able to harm moral. It's clear to all informed people that it's Kerry and Democrats that are for the draft for political reasons and not Republicans and President Bush. The draft issue raised by Kerry will cost him many votes.
Air goes out of the Kerry campaign
Kerry supports had hoped that Kerry would regain lost ground from the debate, but a new poll shows the reality that Kerry failed to make gains. The Rasmussen poll shows Bush leads in the 3 day poll, but what is sure to be complete discouragement for the Kerry followers, Rasmussen reports, "As a result, just over one-third of the interviews were conducted following Thursday night's Presidential Debate. Results from last night's sample were similar to the preceding nights." Viewed by most that Kerry needed a strong showing in the debate to get back in it, this poll shows Kerry failed to break through.
How President George W. Bush won re-election - President Bush won the two most important battle ground states of Florida and Ohio to gain the electoral votes needed to win re-election. Kerry conceded after it was clear he had no chance to fight the results in the courts like Al Gore did in Florida in the last election. With the economy strong and the war on terrorism being the most important issue President Bush won with the largest vote total ever. Record numbers voted in what many call the most important election in their life times. The Democrat nominee, Kerry, was hurt by his dishonorable conduct during the Vietnam war when he bashed those that were serving there by accusing them of horrible crimes. Vietnam Veterans spoke out against kerry and were very effective with the use of campaign ads, books, web sites and movies to get the facts out to the general public. Left wing groups used tens of millions of dollars to bash Bush with propaganda to undermine the President and the war on terror but in the end the much smaller group of Veterans with donations from average citizens were more effective getting their message out because of their credibility. Leftists often made themselves look extremist and anti-American in their political agenda to defeat Bush. Kerry's supporters and the liberal media were also rejected by the voters whom were offended by their visceral hate and outright lies and propaganda including forged papers Dan Rather of CBS used to destroy the president. The last week, Kerry jumped on a story done by the liberal media of the NY Times and CBS of supposed missing weapons in Iraq which ended up hurting his campaign. The US military said they did find and destroy tons of weapons where they were supposedly missing from. A Bin Laden tape came out just days before the election which reminded everyone of the seriousness of the war on terror the President has been effective dealing with. President Bush won over 50% of the vote and claims a mandate to enact his policies. Republicans also picked up 4 Senate seats and gained in the House making a sweeping victory for President Bush and the Republicans.  
President George Bush's Freedom speech
President Bush made the focus of his Inauguration speech about freedom. He spoke about promoting freedom around the world. It was a very optimistic, positive and future looking speech. It recognized the greatness of America to achieve great things. Liberals and Democrats didn't like it. Liberals in the crowd jeered and other leftists protested with large signs filled with words of hate while Bush spoke of freedom for all people. While Republicans, conservatives and President George Bush speak about freedom and a better world, liberals take the other side in opposition. The President Bush Inauguration speech is one for the history books. President Bush is one of first truly world leaders after the fall of communism. Over the last few years socialists from other countries expressed their opposition to President Bush over the war on terror and the removal of Saddam in Iraq. President Bush made it clear his policy will continue to bring freedom to all people and rid the world of tyrants.
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