Global Warming Can be a Good Thing
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The political left has made the earth's temperatures a political issue. Like they do with most things. The earth, at least the northern hemisphere, came out of a mini ice age that ended in the later half of the 1800's. It started a few hundred years earlier (about 1400) and resulted in famine in Europe. When the mini ice age ended the warmer temperatures were a great benefit for mankind by increasing crop yields and improving the standard of living. Higher temperatures aren't a bad thing like the liberals claim but have proven to be helpful. Warmer winters reduce the cost of heating, reducing demand for oil and gas just like the left claims they want. The left politicizes many issues and they count on ignorance of the general population. Global temperatures warm and cool for many reasons and is completely natural. One large factor is believed to be volcanic eruptions. There are many other theories for the natural changes in the earths temperatures. The last thing science needs is politics but the leftists/socialists will politicize the weather to push their agenda against capitalism and impose socialism. They use "global warming" as an excuse to expand government intrusion by trying to create a fear of the unknown and trying to place blame. If the leftists did success is reducing the use of oil, the standard of living will fall and many people will be harmed. 
Earth's temperatures in the past
Greenpeace co-founder praises global warming. By Sean Hao: "Moore contended that global warming and the melting of glaciers is positive because it creates more arable land..."