Investing Social Security and Rich liberals
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Rich liberals don't want lower income people to invest their money like they do. Rich liberals like Kennedy, Rockefeller, Hillary, Lautenberg, Corzine, Feinstein, Kohl, Kerry and others invest their millions in all kinds of investments. Most of their holdings are invested in real-estate, stocks and bonds to get a better return on their money. The same rich liberals don't want lower income people to invest their money that goes into Social Security so that they get a better return. For lower income people Social Security is the largest part of their financial holdings and for some it's all of it. Take the flip side. Would the rich liberals agree to have all or most of their millions tired up in Social Security? Let's raise the contribution to Social Security so rich liberals can transfer their millions to the Social Security system. When they are at age of retirement they can collect a monthly payment and get the same return on their millions as lower income people get on their Social Security retirement. I wonder how many rich liberals would agree to this? It's what they want for lower income people, so it should also be good enough for them.   
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