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In light of the most horrific Attack on America many are joining the armed forces to fight for our country, for freedom and for liberty. Many retired military veterans are now trying to re-enlist. With their expertise they can be quite useful to many branches of the service and homeland security. Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania had been put in charge of homeland security with a strong military background. Just like his knowledge is important in this time of need so can those with similar knowledge and expertise be deployed in this fight against terrorism.
One patriotic American who quickly looked to join the military to just help out where he can is Steve Foley jr. Steve Foley is a Massachusetts Army National Guard veteran who served from 1970 to 1976. Now at age 50 says, "as far as I'm concerned, I'm still young enough to be of assistance somewhere doing whatever." Just like Steve did in the moments after the attack he witnessed others doing the same, "As I sat there, another 50 year old entered, with quite the credentials, encryption experience, and she said, 'Though I'm in the middle of obtaining my Masters I can put it off. They may need me' She previously served 8 years regular army. Then a 67 year old gentleman walks in, West Point grad./2 years airforce walks in and says,  'I'm a psychologist, I know you can use me.' I was impressed. I think the recruiter was a bit surprised.", 
Asked what Foley thought he could contribute. he said "I've been openly Patriotic all my life. Flags on my bike and every vehicle 'till now. I believe I can at least do some training instruction, guard duty, clerical, cooking, washing or even sweeping. Well, I'm ready, willing and able. Just looking for a team to pick me up now."
In a time of need, good patriotic Americans do what they can for their country and the fight for freedom and liberty. As Steve Foley jr has stood up to do whatever he can, lets be thankful and support all those in the military as they do their job for the defense of the United States of America.
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