Who is to Blame High Oil and Gasoline Prices?
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The biggest cause of high oil and gas prices at the pump is politicians that limited oil production over the last 20 to 30 years. Politicians like Clinton and Democrats that are in the pocket of extremist environmentalists and other anti-business leftists and socialists have prevented oil production that would have increased supplies, American supplies. Clinton vetoed drilling in ANWAR, a desolate land in northern Alaska. Clinton also stopped coal mining in Utah which is one of the best coal resources available by making the coal in the ground a national monument. The supply of any energy source effects the price of all other energy sources. By Clinton taking the Utah coal off the market it caused higher oil and gas prices as utilities need to switch to oil and natural gas to power their electric generators. Democrats have been preventing offshore drilling for decades because of their environmental extremists political supporters even though wells in the ocean can't be seen from beaches and are very environmentally safe. There are huge supplies of oil off shore and in Alaska that would increase the supply and lower the price. Supply and demand is what effects the price of oil and everything thing else. The more supply the lower the price, and the higher the demand the higher the price. The high prices of oil and gas at the pump is caused from many factors including the huge worldwide demand because the economy is booming not only in the US but in China and most countries. Consumers that never bought before are now buying gas for their cars they never had before. When the economy grows and the demands for oil increases causing higher prices that not everyone's fault. But when politicians like Clinton and Democrats limit supplies by stopping drilling and coal mining that drive up oil and gas prices, they are a cause that can be pointed to.