Are you a Republican or Democrat?
Republican - The Red Team:
Family is important part of your life
Opposed to abortion
Married or expect to be
Own a business or would like to
Save, invest in the stock market
Support tax cuts
Strong support of the military
Believe in peace through strength
Long sentences for convicts
Religious faith
Sports, particularly Nascar, baseball
Against drug legalization
Gun ownership rights
Don't swear or use profanity
Tea Party protest
Democrat - The Blue Team:
Support gay rights
Support for abortion
Marriage isn't important
Favor government financial assistance
Support tax increases
Distrust of the US military
Wanting peace through appeasement
Believe in second chances for convicts
Secular, religion isn't important
Movies, particularly adult rated
Use of illegal drugs acceptable
Gun control
Use of swearing and profanity acceptable
Labor Union protest
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