President Bush's first term has been a success.
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No matter how the liberals try to spin it, the 
George W. Bush presidency has been a success. President Bush ran on certain things and has done what he said he would do and has accomplished more in his first term than Clinton did in his entire 8 years.
President Bush ran in tax cuts and delivered passing two major tax cuts. When President Bush entered office the economy was in a recession. His tax cuts turned the economy around and is now growing consistently since the third quarter of 2001 when his first tax cut was inacted.
After the attacks on America on 9-11-01 President Bush rallied the nation to fight a real war on terrorism. Clinton mouthed the words 'war on terrorists' but failed to follow up even though the first terrorist attack came at the beginning of his term in 1993. President Bush acted and routed out the leading terrorist group in Afghanistan and ended the regime of Saddam whom collaborated with terrorists including meetings with Atta, the lead terrorist in the World Trade Center attack. The President gathered more countries to unite against terrorism than any other worldwide coalition ever in history.
Even after repeated attempts to undermine his Presidency by an opposition media, President Bush successfully won re-election against a long standing politician. President Bush's first term has been a success.
President George W. Bush Re-Election. How it happened.
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