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Why is it that Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives talk about losing elections on principle? We don't lose elections standing on our conservative principles, we win that way. Never even hint otherwise!
   Many liberal Republicans believe that if they take a conservative position they will lose. Particularly in the Northeast. Also, by Rush and others saying that we should stand on principle even if doing so loses an election, it looks like liberals positions win elections more so then conservative positions. And It doesn't make sense in any case to "lead with your chin", supporting a conservative position on supposed principle, if you end up letting the libs define the issue, letting libs win the election or define us conservatives. We need to win the battle of ideas in the debate. Winning elections is the same as winning the battle of ideas, or more so, winning elections is the result of winning the battle of ideas.
    Conservative positions if argued right win elections every time. Any election lose is the result of a poor campaign and not defining the issues properly.
   I hope Rush and others never make it look like or even hint that a conservative position or principle may result in losing an election. On the contrary, we should always say that the libs position is likely to lose elections and conservative positions and principles win elections. We need to convince politicians, Republicans (mostly the spineless ones) and Democrats, that conservative positions win because conservative principles and positions are right and do indeed win.
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