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Many college and high school students are repeating the liberal indoctrination they are being feed in their schools daily. Many liberal and socialist teachers and professors are loading their classrooms with liberal propaganda. While they are suppose to be teaching students in classes like history and science, and to educate them using facts and figures, they are pushing their own political agendas.
The classroom should have no place for political indoctrination. We have seen authoritarian countries where students are forced with threats to conform to government doctrine that is part of the curriculum. In the USA there was a hostility to religion in the classroom and prayer was thrown out. Politics in many schools has replaced it and for some liberals their political beliefs are their religion. While students aren't threatened by the government if they don't accept the liberal indoctrination, the fear of lower grades from their teacher is never the less pressure and an imposed fear.
In the 1960's there were students that were said to be rebelling against authority leading protests. Although many of the protests in the 60's were really backed by political groups, students were easy to convince to rebel. Young people are known to go through a phase of rebellion against authority. 'Rebel' and 'youth' seem to go together. Something is different today about students. Many students accept the indoctrination by their liberal teachers and professors. There is no rebelling in their schools and colleges but rather a willingness to conform. While it is very understandable that the youngest students in grammar schools and junior high schools would be willing to accept anything their teacher would say in order to gain praise, older students are also accepting the political propaganda feed to them. Although some may question it in their minds and keep quite, there are many others that vocally repeat the liberal mantras from their liberal and socialist teachers. It could simply be that young people, even those in college, are easily duped and the belief that young people are more likely to rebel from authority isn't necessarily true. Years of indoctrination in schools along with the same political spin that they also hear on the liberal media is too much for a young mind to question but rather to conform to.